Our Differences

Key Nurse Leaders is a focused executive search firm. We only work with leaders focused in women’s, children’s, maternal/child, and perinatal health. As a result…

We have earned the trust of thousands of candidates.

KNL was the first executive recruitment firm to exhibit at AWHONN (in 1997, originally as Berry & Associates) and we have continued to exhibit or attend each year. We sponsor the Innovations in Women’s Health award at the Snowmass Institute, a strategic women’s health conference. More recently, we have created the maternal/child and women’s health Leadership Library as an educational resource of encouragement and for sharing ideas at all levels of leadership.

Candidates meet us, they speak with us, and they trust us. They know we are dedicated to their focused discipline and look to us for career advice and opportunities.

We understand the issues and trends.

The best candidates are passionate about their niche in the healthcare world. They like to talk about their personal achievements and what is important to them with people who understand. Discovering the issues and trends important to each person we talk with is part of our evaluation process. Trends like emerging and expanding ambulatory services for women and children, the expansion and improvement of the informatics programs that are maternal/child specific, the continuing implementation across the country of mother/baby care, renovation and building of birthing centers, and the ‘branding’ of programs.

Candidates tell us we ask better questions. Our focus allows us to understand the issues and problems needing to be solved and helps us find the right candidate for your open position.

We speak daily with established and emerging leaders.

We understand the motives of our candidates. Our specialized approach allows us to not only know what a candidate does best, but also when and why they would consider a career transition. Some changes—like completing a degree or desiring new challenges—can be anticipated. Others—like downsizing or the change of employment for a spouse—can be sudden. We stay on top of these changes.

Many candidates have a specific career path or geographic location in mind. Some thrive on building projects. Some on change. Others, on maintenance. With our focus, we often know in advance which candidates are most open to considering your opportunity.